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Setting the Standard for Excellence


Welcome to the Canadian Gemmological Association, Canada's professional organization for the practice of gemmology. Founded in 1958 it has set the standard for excellence in the practice of gemmology. The CGA is a non-profit, membership association and educational institute providing education in the field of gemmology and provides a forum for Canadian gemmologists to meet and share knowledge and experiences.
This website contains information about our organization,
including information on membership, meeting times, annual Gem Conferences and more. 



Books, literature and a full range of gemmology equipment.

  • CGA 50th Anniversary

    Photographs of the 50th Anniversary

    Gem Conference and Graduation.

   General Interest

Courses for persons who want to learn more about gems without undertaking professional training.


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  Advanced Courses

The CGA's advanced courses are designed for trade professionals who have a professional gemmology diploma or are current gemmology students.


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  Professional Courses

For over 54 years, the CGA has offered professional gemmological training in Canada, preparing students to earn the internationally recognized Diploma in Gemmology, and Fellowship with the CGA (FCGmA). Learn More Learn More

Canadian Gemmological Association: Education and Courses

Trivia Night Teaser

Test your knowledge of gems and gem trivia by trying our interactive quiz.
Thank you to Gem Trivia Night Quizmaster and former Director of Education, Anita Beardwood for contributing the questions.

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Head office - downtown Toronto location:

The Canadian Gemmologial Association
55 Queen St East
Lower Concourse, Suite #105
Toronto, ON M5C 1R6

Tel: 647-466-2436  




March 2014 - Monthly Meeting - Tiaras

When:             Wednesday March 19, 2014 at 7:30 P.M.

Where:            CGA Classroom, Lower Concourse, #105, 55 Queen Street East, Toronto

Topic:             A History of Tiaras

Presenter:      Anita Beardwood, FCGmA

The recent popularity of the Downton Abbey television series makes an understanding of tiaras a must for the jewellery aficionado. Learn a bit about the history of tiaras, the etiquette of wearing tiaras and see if you can recognize some famous tiaras.  All members and students are invited to attend this informative presentation.
Join us for a enjoybale evening with your gemmological colleagues, wear your best tiara and take time to enjoy a coffee and chat with our members.   All students are welcome to attend!

This is also an excellent opportunity to register for our CGA Conference being held at The National Club if you haven't already sent in your registration!

CGA Annual Conference - 2014


held at the The National Club Toronto April 3 -7, 2014

Full conference price includes : Friday evening cocktail reception and registration, Full programme of speakers Saturday and Sunday including continental breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. Saturday gala dinner and graduation. Please advise of any dietary requirements.

Member price $395 Non Member price $445 Guest registration for the Gala Dinner and Graduation $95 per guest

Confirmed Guest Speakers:

Dr. Cigdem Lule GemWorld International, Chicago

Branko Deljanin CGL-GRS Swiss Canadian Gemlab, Vancouver

Willow & Quintin Wight Museum of Nature, Ottawa

Duncan Parker Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers, Toronto

Chris Smith American Gemological Laboratories, New York

David Sexton Jewelers Mutual, Toronto

David Ritter Canadian Jewellers Association, Toronto

David Hustler Canadian Enamelist, Toronto

Alex Barcados CD Barcados Co Ltd Toronto

Ryan Taylor Fair Trade Jewellery, Toronto


Priority registration for the workshops will be given to conference delegates.

Please note the pricing for the workshops.

Thursday April 3 Morning Practical Workshop held at the CGA classroom

Pearls Dr. Cigdem Lule

CGA Member $195  Non Member $245

Cultured pearls are one of the fastest growing sectors in the gem trade. Many varieties of Chinese freshwater pearls have earned widespread consumer appeal across the global market. However, visual similarity of these pearls to the once dominant seawater varieties like akoya and south seas have created some challenges for buyers, sellers and appraisal professionals whose responsibility is to accurately grade and price pearl products for their clients.

Today, cultured pearls are produced in an array of colors, shapes and sizes. Yet the standard remains the round to near round white products. Although visually similar, beyond appearance these products share little in common. Market availability, surface quality and of course price differ greatly from variety to variety as well as among pearls of the same variety. Accurately pricing cultured pearls requires the professional gemologist to distinguish not only between types, but also to correctly assess quality and shape factors within the same variety.

In this workshop, participants will examine and grade a variety of cultured pearls followed by a presentation concerning common enhancements and pricing considerations. The hands-on session is supported by a PowerPoint presentation featuring high quality images of certain characteristics useful for assessing overall grade.


Thursday April 3 Afternoon Practical Workshop held at the CGA classroom


Emerald Treatments and Pricing Dr. Cigdem Lule

CGA Member $395  Non Member $445

Half a day hands on program working with treated and natural emerald specimens with pricing information. Participants will examine emeralds treated by various methods and learn the practical techniques used in the field to recognize them. The degree to which an emerald has been enhanced is one of the major considerations when accurately pricing these popular gems. Tips regarding how to estimate the treatment level are also presented. Value factors such as colour, clarity and transparency are discussed based on the GemGuide pricing system. Emerald specimens have been specifically treated for this program to illustrate the common treatment types and levels of enhancement encountered in the market.


Friday April 4 Full Day Practical Workshop held at the CGA classroom

Corundum Treatments and Pricing Workshop Dr. Cigdem Lule

CGA Member $195  Non Member $245


The sale of treated corundum has dramatically increased the supply of products sold as ruby and sapphire. Accurately pricing corundum requires the professional gemmologist to distinguish not only between treated and natural, but also between the various treatment encountered in today global market.


The workshop is designed to reconcile the pricing of rubies and sapphires by specific treatment type. Participants will examine a variety of natural and treated ruby and sapphires followed by a presentation concerning pricing considerations. The hand-on session is supported by a PowerPoint presentation featuring high quality images of certain characteristics that reveal if and how the stones have been enhanced.


Monday April 7 9.00am-12.30 pm OR 1.30-5pm Held at the CGA Classroom

Identifying Diamond Types and Synthetic Diamonds with UV lamp, Microscope and Polariscope Branko Deljanin, B.Sc., GG, FGA, DUG

CGA member $185, non-member $195; includes CPF booklet ($25 value)

The use of treatments based on high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT ) annealing, low pressure annealing and irradiation with energetic particles with the aim to alter the color of diamonds has become increasingly popular in the past 10 years. Diamonds can be also grown in the laboratory (HPHT or CVD) and these synthetic diamonds could be colorless (type IIa), yellow (type Ib ) and blue (type IIb ).

This lecture and workshop is designed for dealers, gemologists and appraisers. You will learn to identify different types of diamonds and synthetic diamonds. You will also learn about possible treatments/synthetic diamonds and their relation to types in order to know when to send stones to an advanced lab for further testing for natural, treated or synthetic origin.



Fall 2013 Professional Courses

The CGA's courses provide essential professional training to the gem and jewellery trade. For the new-entrant, the trade veteran or the hobbyist, the more you know, the more you'll appreciate this fascinating field. In addition to our professional gemmology programs, the CGA also offers general interest classes and advanced courses.

Fall 2013 Professional Programs

Gemmology Accelerated Program - Full-time Daytime

Sept 3 to Dec 19, 2013

4 days/week (Mon-Thurs)

Jewellery Associate - Gemmology Specialist - Part-time Evening

September 24, 2013 to May 20, 2014

1 evening/week (Tuesdays)

Gemmology Program - Part-time Evening

September 30, 2013 to May 28, 2014

2 evenings/week (Mondays & Thursdays)