Courses and Education Overview


The Canadian Gemmological Association offers the Canadian Professional Gemmology Program composed of  the Jewellery Associate - Gemmology Specialist course (preliminary level) and the Gemmology Program (diploma level) course. These prepare a student to write the CGA's professional examinations leading to the internationally recognized Diploma in Gemmology and Fellowship (FCGmA) in the Canadian Gemmological Association. The FCGmA is recognized worldwide as a prerequisite to becoming a qualified gem appraiser.

This training is available by correspondence, by attending part-time evening classes in Toronto or Vancouver, or through our 4-month daytime Gemmology Accelerated Program.

Also available are advanced courses for those who wish to consolidate or expand their gemmological knowledge, and general interest courses for persons who want to learn more about gems without undertaking professional training. General interest courses are open to members of the public as well as to those already active in gem-related fields. Instruction in all courses is provided by qualified gemmologists.