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Instructors, Staff and Volunteers

Jennifer McKercher Jennifer McKercher, BSc, FCGmA, FGA, RMV
Instructor, Professional Gemmology Programs
Mrs McKercher completed her study of gemmology at George Brown College, and has taught both at GBC and currently with the CGA.

Jennifer has also shared her love of gemmology by teaching general interest courses in Gem Appreciation, Practical Gem Identification, Talking Diamonds and Pearl Stringing.

Jennifer is a strong supporter of the CGA and served as Secretary on the Board of Directors from 2006 to 2009.

 Circle Chang 72 dpi Circle Chang, FCGmA
Diamond Grading Course Instructor
Trained as a commercial photographer in her native Hong Kong, Ms Chang emigrated to Canada in 1989. Soon after arriving, she began her studies in gemmology at George Brown College and visual arts at York University. Ms Chang's success has been recognized with awards from the Toronto District Jewellers Association and a scholarship for the HRD polished diamond grading course.

She has worked in quality assurance and as a diamond sorter for one of Canada's largest retail jewellers, as Chief Administrator of a retail jewellery store and as an independent jewellery designer and manufacturer.

 Anita Beardwood Anita Beardwood, FCGmA
Conference Chairperson 2014
Anita qualified for Fellowship with the CGA in 2000, and has been actively engaged ever since. She has served as Director of Education, taught general interest classes and worked with the CGA in a myriad of other ways. She most recently coordinated a world-class gemmology conference in April of 2014 in Toronto.

 Karen H 72dpi Karen Howard, FCGmA, RMV, CAP(CJA), AIJV
Conference  Coordinator 2017
Karen has been a strong supporter of the CGA since she earned her Fellowship in 1989. Since then she has been involved with all aspects of the organization, including Secretary of the Board of Directors, Distance Education tutor, instructor for lab, appraisal and general interest courses,  and highly skilled do-it-all volunteer.


 JoAnne Larmond
 Office Administrator

JoAnne is the smiling face in the Toronto office and looks after the day to day operations for the CGA.


Board of Directors

Donna adj

Donna Hawrelko, FGA, FCGmA

Duncan 72 dpi

Duncan Parker, FCGmA, FGA

A Bryson

Director of Education:

Alexia Bryson, FCGmA

Adam Ostrow

Adam Ostrow, FCGmA 

BAvender P1010862

Breanne Avender, FGA, FCGmA

Honorary Directors:
Dr. R.T. Boyd, FGA, FCGmA
R.I. Gait, MSc, PhD

First executive boardThe First executive board of the Canadian Gemmological Association, 1959.
Back row, L to R: Dr R.T. Boyd, D.S.M. Field (President), Arnold Ritchie, Jack Stitt. Front row: Jack Gunning, Robert Wille

The 2009 executive board of the Canadian Gemmological Association.
L to R: Anita Beardwood (Conference Chair), Donna Hawrelko (Director of Education), Duncan Parker (President), Brad Wilson (Vice-President), Jennifer McKercher (Secretary of the Board), Glen King (Treasurer).

Past Contributors

The CGA owes sincere thanks to many individuals who have contributed to the Association over the years. Below are listed only a few ...

CGA Presidents 

1958-60       D.S.M Field 1961 Jack W. Gunning
1962 H.A. Creates                     1963 Robert Arend
1964 Fred Waddington 1965 Michael Goad
1966 Bernard Hinton 1967 Harry Venables
1968 Jack Stitt 1969 Ed Green
1970 Peter Saalmans 1971-72      Herb Forth
1973-75 Richard Covent  1976 W.D. Goodger
 1977 Lloyd Allingham   1978-79 R.M. Coxhead 
 1980 D.S.M. Field 1981-85  Warren Boyd 
 1986-88 Jeannine Dykstra 1989-91 Robert Shore 
 1992 James Hergel  1993-96  Dr Zia Hasan
 1996-97 Heida Mani 1997-2014  Duncan Parker