Friday, March 23, 2018

Completing the 'Diploma in Gemmology' program with the Canadian Gemmological Association is one of the highlights of my educational pursuits and gemmological adventures. 

Dacques and Duncan3I am thankful for the wonderful administration, dedicated instr
uctors and CGA alumni for their friendship.  As a student body we were privileged to have thorough course instruction and introductions to the Canadian Diamond Bourse, world class auctioneers and a top appraisal firm, as well as a behind-the-scenes visit at the Royal Ontario Museum.  

The city is fun, convenient and stimulating.  Valuable insight into mineralogy, crystallography, diamonds, colored stones and gem identification will surely provide the student with a solid foundation as a gemmologist. As a graduate from CGA, you will stand tall among the industry with CGA's Fellowship title FCGmA.  Follow your passion and live your dreams…

Dacques Nini, Texas, USA, Gemmology Accelerated Program 2013