Friday, March 23, 2018


Wonders Within Gemstones II

Wonders within Gemstones II Cover

Anthony de Goutière, CGA member and long-time contributor to the Association, has released a followup book to his original Wonders Within Gemstones published in 1996. Once again, his stunning photomicrographs of inclusions and surface features in gemstones will impress and educate.

This new publication clearly includes retakes of several specimens we have seen previously, but with variations in orientation, framing or polarization of light to enhance the artistic impact of the images. Although inclusions in gemstones are common, this new look at older specimens serves as a reminder that truly photogenic features are actually quite hard to find, and that it can take years of practice and examination to bring out the best.

Notwithstanding the re-interpretation of older images, in a book of 71 photos within a body of 59 pages, most of the images are new and all highlight the abstract art to be found in our natural world. Although this publication is printed on matte paper rather than a glossy clay-coated stock, print processes have improved over the years, offering crisp reproduction in vivid color.

All images include an identification of the host gem, and brief notes regarding illumination conditions. Thus, in addition to its artistic merits, this new work also offers some scientific value, and any aspiring photomicrographer can take inspiration from its pages.

Wonders within Gemstones II, published by FriesenPress, is available for order through all major online book retailers, including: FriesenPress' bookstore, Chapters/Indigo, and Amazon. The eBook is available for Google Play.

About the Author
Anthony de Goutière started his career as a watchmaker in 1950 and opened his own watch-repair and jewellery store in Victoria in 1960. While studying gemmology, de Goutière was inspired by the photomicrographs of gemmologists Dr. Eduard Gübelin and John Koivula. He attached his camera with an adapter to a trinocular microscope and his passion for photographing gemstone inclusions began.

Once retired, de Goutière continued with photomicrography of gemstones as a rewarding hobby. His photomicrographs and articles on gemstones and jewellery have been published in gemmological journals around the world. De Goutière lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

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