Saturday, March 17, 2018


Ann Sabina Stenson Obituary

AnnSabina 2008 crop kf2Ann P. Sabina Stenson


It is with great sadness that we announce that Ann Sabina passed away on September 29th in her 86th year. Ann will be remembered for her dedication to mineralogy and gemmology. Ann started at the GSC in 1952 in mineralogy working in the new field of X-ray diffraction. Ann was the author of the very popular series “Rocks and Minerals for the Collectors” now available on-line through GEOSCAN. Ann was one of the founding members of the Ottawa Valley Mineral Association and was a long serving Treasurer for the Mineralogical Association of Canada. She also taught gemmology at Carlton University in Ottawa and prepared students for the Canadian Gemmological Association's fellowship examinations. Ann recently completed the revised version of “Rocks and Minerals for the Collector: Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and South Shore, Nova Scotia”. This Guidebook will be released in November in both official languages. In addition, an Open File on “Information for Collectors”, which replaces the NRCan website public information, will be released at about the same time. Ann continued to work daily since her retirement in the late nineties up until early August. Ann was the discoverer of the mineral Weloganite (Sr3Na2Zr(CO3)6 ·3H2O) and was the first to collect the mineral Sabinaite (Na4Zr2TiO4(CO3)4), named in her honour by John Jambor.