Saturday, March 17, 2018


Mr. Mok and his team members have accomplished a number of “first” in gem testing in Hong Kong. In the spring of 1993, AGIL issued the first ever Jadeite Testing Report in Hong Kong using an Infrared Spectrometer. Mr. Mok has always devoted himself to raising the bar in Hong Kong gem testing standard. He has conducted research on Fei Cui, diamonds and rubies, and published his research articles in different media. In January 2005, Mr. Mok led AGIL to further professional recognition. AGIL was the first gemological laboratory in Hong Kong granted HOKLAS ISO/IEC 17025 authorised qualification for Fei Cui Jadeite Jade testing. The qualification accredited by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

AGIL has been teaching FGA courses since 1983 and it is one of the earliest registered Accredited Teaching Centre (ATC) of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A). AGIL is authorized to teach FGA/DGA gemmology courses in Chinese and English. AGIL’s graduates were granted four times World           No.l “Best Candidate” of FGA/DGA exams. In 2009, sponsored by Dominic Mok,   Gem-A established a new worldwide examination honour, “The Mok Diamond Practical Prize’.

In 2016, Mr. Mok was appointed as the Honorary Assistant Professor of Earth Science department of the University of Hong Kong.