CGA 2018 Silent Auction.

Don’t’ feel left out if you cannot make it to Vancouver to bid on items.
If you see something you would like to make a bid on – please feel free to
do so by contacting:
The CGA Office
JoAnne Larmond @ 647-466-2436

24″ long black pearls with a 14kt gold filled clasp

Emerald/pearls studs 18kt yellow gold

9kt yellow gold peridot solitaire ring

10kt yellow gold garnet and diamond ring

“Honu” by Carleen Ross

Birks “Pétale” TM silver drop pendant

Fluorescence As A Tool For A Diamond Origin Identification-A Guide Book

The Scottish Gemmological Association (SGA) has donated a delegate place at their 2019, or 2020 Conference in Scotland.

The SGA would cover the delegate fees from Friday evening through to the Monday field trip and all meals and accommodation during this period for one delegate.

Ladies Wrist Watch

XGody GPS Navigation Unit

Intermediated Diamonds
Identification of Synthetic Diamonds Workshop
Spring of 2019



Steps In Screening And Id Of Lab-Grown Diamonds Poster