GemPen® Diamond Screener Package

€ 2 300

Includes GemPen® Diamond Screener Package

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€ 2 300

Includes GemPen® Diamond Screener, Filter 4 and Darkroom

GemPen® Diamond Screener:

  • Diamond Verification Instrument
  • Indicates natural, HPHT & CVD lab-created diamonds with Filter 1 (included)
  • Indicates HPHT colour enhancement treatment on natural diamonds
  • Works on rough, polished & mounted diamonds
  • All diamond sizes: 0.01ct-10.00+
  • Diamond colour range:  D-M
  • Screens 100’s of stones in a matter of minutes
  • Full spectrum Xenon UV light source
  • USOF – Ultra Spectrum Optical Filtering technology
  • Upgradable by purchasing additional filters
  • Travel Case / Darkroom to check diamonds on the go
  • Portable pocket size / purse size design
  • Lithium-ion battery powered & USB rechargeable
  • Access to GemPen® Academy
  • Innovated by a Gemmologist for Gemmologists
  • Applications:  in the field, wholesale diamond buyers, gemmological labs & educational institutes, appraisal services providers, screening while shopping at trade shows & when receiving set goods, pawn shops, auction houses, jewellery repair & custom design houses, jewellers, all natural & lab created diamond retailers

GemPen® Diamond Screener is used to screen diamonds for naturals, HPHT and CVD grown synthetics and includes Filter 1. It also gives indications on treatments such as HPHT treatment of natural diamond.  It is possible to later upgrade your GemPen® Diamond Screener by buying the additional Filter Kit.


Filter 4:

The LW Filter 4 (in combination with Filter 1-Included in your GemPen®) helps the user to distinguish between a natural fluorescing diamond and a lab-created diamond.



GemPen® Darkroom allows the professional user to create a portable environment, making it easier to more accurately interpret results. This complimentary tool contains a UVB protective filter viewing lens to better observe fluorescence and phosphorescence effects in natural, synthetic and treated gemstones. The Darkroom allows the user to work hands-free with their GemPen® and has three variable functions: screening single stones, multiple stones and rings.

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