VOC: Gemmology Basics (PT)

Professional 9-month part-time evening gemmology program.
Year one of a two year course
Call for Price – 1.647.466.2436
Please complete and sign the completed enrolment contract and submit to the CGA office before submitting payment.

Class Days and Times are Tuesday evenings 6 pm to 9 pm.
Courses are offered for the Fall term.

Sorry No Discounts



Fees include small instrument kit and course textbook.

Registration by deadline (roughly one month before class start) earns $100 discount on final payment.

Fees are paid in four installments:
$500 minimum due with registration – holds place in class
$1,500 due on the first day of class
$1,500 due by quarter way point in course (includes $593.80 instrument kit, $64 textbook & $65 expendable supplies)
$1,022.80 due by half-way point in course (eligible for $100 early registration discount).

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