Education Overview

The CGA has something for everyone with a desire to learn more about gems.

Introductory Classes

Are you in the market for a diamond ring? Or maybe you’ve been collecting for a few years, or making jewellery. Perhaps you’ve visited a few auctions, or acquired some treasures at a garage sale, and want to know how to identify what you’ve found. Or you’ve bought gems and jewellery during your travels to interesting parts of the world …

These are perfect reasons to pick up some of the CGA’s introductory level “general interest” classes. In addition to the regularly scheduled offerings, special lectures on chosen topics are featured from time to time. The sessions are generally no more than a day or two long, have no prerequisites, and are not graded, so they’re a rewarding way to find out what gemmology is all about and whet your appetite for more!

Visit the General Interest page to learn more.

Advanced Classes

Continuing education is available to those who wish to consolidate or expand their gemmological knowledge. Several offerings are part of the regular CGA repertoire, while occasionally recognized experts from across Canada and around the world are invited to deliver special workshops. These are often timed to coincide with an annual CGA Gem Conference or Graduation Ceremony. Prerequisites for the classes vary.

Instruction in all courses is provided by qualified gemmologists.

Professional Programs

Professional courses are geared toward those who want to learn about gemmology in depth. Classes are often composed of a cross-section of students, from the fresh graduate just preparing to enter the gem and jewellery trade to the seasoned veteran in the business. It’s not unusual for applicants to have degrees or jobs in other disciplines. Some need to learn the basics to protect themselves and their customers, others seek recognized credentials to instill customer confidence, and many do the courses just to learn more about something they love, or to open the doors to a future second career.

These courses are classed as post-secondary vocational programs leading to a certificate. Mastery of material is evaluated by means of assignments, presentations and regular testing.

The CGA’s professional gemmology program leading to Fellowship with the CGA is available in full-time and part-time options. Visit the Professional Courses page to learn more.

Studies with an Affiliate

The CGA’s professional gemmology course material is also delivered in Vancouver, BC. Students of affiliates are entitled to write the CGA Fellowship Qualifying Examinations.

Fellowship with the CGA

Students who have completed the CGA’s professional gemmology program and wish to earn credentials that demonstrate their mastery of the field of gemmology are invited to write the CGA Fellowship Qualifying Examinations. FCGmA (Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association) credentials are widely recognized by organizations around the world working in the field of gemmology, and are accepted as a prerequisite to becoming a qualified gem appraiser.

Gem-A Affiliation

Starting September 2017, students who have completed the CGA’s professional gemmology program, and have passed their Canadian exams and have earned their credentials as an FCGmA (Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association), now have the opportunity to write their Gem-A exams (Gemmology Diploma and Practical) and gain their FGA credentials WITHOUT taking the Gem-A course.  Please see the following links on our partnership with Gem-A.

Gem-A Partners

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