Our Mandates – Education and Communication

The Standard for Excellence in Canadian Gemmology

The Canadian Gemmological Association is a not-for-profit corporation that was established in 1958 to provide a Canadian source for gemmological education and to act as a medium for communication and co-operation among those involved in all aspects of gemmology. Our mandate includes the dissemination of knowledge and information, and the promotion of high ethical and professional standards within the sector.

Formal Education

  • comprehensive professional training programs prepare graduates to participate as gemmologists in the gem and jewellery trade (see Professional Courses).
  • for people interested in a quick, enjoyable look at different aspects of gemmology, short courses provide an overview of gemmology, gem identification or special focus on individual gemmological topics (see General Interest).
  • qualified gemmologists or individuals who have been working in the trade for some time can benefit from advanced “continuing education” style classes intended to build on prior education or keep skills up-to-date (see Advanced Courses).

Public Service and Outreach

Millions of people worldwide buy gems and jewellery, yet know very little about the range of man-made or enhanced stones on the market, or even the best ways to handle and clean their jewellery. In Canada, the CGA offers complimentary gem identification and general commentary at Ontario Gem and Mineral shows. Our goal is to enhance people’s enjoyment of gems, and help build confidence in the trade by educating about ethics and standards, and by promoting recognized professional credentials (see Outreach & Shows).


The Canadian Gemmological Association, like other highly-regarded gemmological organizations around the world, grants credentials to candidates who have demonstrated proficiency in the field. In Canada, Fellowship with the Canadian Gemmological Association (FCGmA) is earned by passing standardized qualifying examinations based on the professional gemmology curriculum. Jewellers Vigilance Canada recognizes FCGmA credentials in their Jewellery Appraisal Guidelines, and Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA) accepts the FGmA as one of the membership criteria for the Accredited Appraiser Program-CJA.

Gem-A Affiliation

Starting September 2017, students who have completed the CGA’s professional gemmology program, and have passed their Canadian exams and have earned their credentials as an FCGmA (Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association), now have the opportunity to write their Gem-A exams (Diploma and Practical) and gain their FGA credentials WITHOUT taking the Gem-A course.  Please see the following links on our partnership with Gem-A

CGA & Gem-A Partnership

CGA & Gem-A Announces New Affiliation Press Release


Individuals who have qualified for Fellowship with the CGA must activate and maintain their status by renewing membership annually. Members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and the CGA’s annual conferences to stay abreast of news in the field and to keep skills up-to-date.

Gemmologists holding recognized credentials from other gemmological associations are welcomed as Affiliate members, and anyone with an interest in gemmology is invited to join as a General member and participate in CGA events (see Membership).